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Friday, November 18, 2022

Job Opportunities at Mount Meru Regional Referral Hospital


Job Overview

Job Opportunities at Mount Meru Regional Referral Hospital


Job Description

Mount Meru Regional Referral Hospital

The Arusha Regional Referral Hospital was established as a camp to treat the wounded in the first World War in 1915 and was officially launched as a regional hospital on 26.11.1926. It was finally upgraded to a Regional Referral Hospital on 12.11.2010. The hospital has seven main departments which are the Department of Administration, Emergency and Accident, Maternity, Children, Surgery, Surgery (Orthopedic) and the Department of Medicine. Also, the hospital has sixteen (16) units which are Pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology, Dentistry, Eyes, “Anaesthesia”, Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT), Urinary Tract Diseases, Mental Health, Orthopedics, Accounting, Procurement, health INSURANCE, service quality unit (QI) and HDU and Social Welfare Unit. This hospital serves 320 to 540 outpatients per day, 250-350 return patients per day (Including CTC). New adult patients between 60-120 per day, Children 30-50 per day. Inpatients are between 70-120 per day, normal deliveries 15-40 per day, surgical deliveries 5-15 per day. Leading Regional Referral Hospital in providing quality health services. To ensure comprehensive referral health, community development, Gender, elderly and children services that are quality, equitable and affordable to all stakeholders using modern technology.


How to Apply:

The deadline for submitting the application is 28 November 2022.

All Application should be send through postal address below

Director General
Mount Meru Referral Hospital
P.O.Box 3092-Arusha

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