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Friday, August 12, 2022

Regional leader



Job Description


WASSHA INC Tanzania BranchSales and Marketing
Coast/Lake/South/Central ZoneAny region within Tanzania as assigned
Job Title:Application deadline
Regional Leader16th June, 2022
Reports to:Direct Reports (Subordinates):
Zone Team LeaderMarketing Officers, Supply Chains Officer
             Application should be directed to [email protected]

WASSHA Inc is a Japanese company incorporated in 2013 to deliver electrical power to

people in off-grid areas. We use the “Mobile Money” technology in Africa to sell electricity to the electrified areas.

The company aims to improve the lives of people in Africa by enabling a lifestyle with

access to reliable electricity and power and other information and services. WASSHA

believes that through its services it can unlock humankind’s potential and create other advancements in the medical, educational, industrial, and agricultural fields.

WASSHA is committed to supporting internationally recognized human rights activities and initiatives. We believe that long-term business success can only be achieved if human rights are protected. Our Human Rights Policy statement sets out the fundamental principles to ensure we do not engage in activities that directly or indirectly violate human rights.

This policy is applicable to WASSHA inc. and its subsidiaries across Africa

Manage and lead Marketing and Supply chains members in assigned regions so as to maximise profit by delivering a highest standard of services to WASSHA customers through providing effective guidance while ensure the company resources is cost effective and efficiently utilised through planning, organising and monitoring task execution


Managerial Responsibilities:


●        Lead and manage marketing officers in regions to ensure delivery of high standards of service to WASSHA customers.

●        Planning, organising and monitoring execution accuracy of tasks by Marketing officers and Marketing representatives in regions

●        Overseeing and managing supply chain and logistics operations in your assigned regions


Functional Responsibilities:

●        Creating, maintaining and reviewing a program of work

●        Planning and following up standard Wassha procedure by selecting, segmenting and targeting markets for promoting WASSHA products and services.

●        Identify and analyse an organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, and respond to opportunities and threats in the marketing environment to set goals for market share and growth.

●        In charge of signing all agents and Marketing Representative contracts; and any other contracts as may be authorised by the company.

●        On job training for marketing officers and marketing representatives (sales agents) within their regions.

●        Responsible for meeting the sales and profit target on the region assigned.

●        Responsible for reviewing, adjusting and approving budgets for Marketing Officers and Marketing Representatives.

●        Ensuring tasks are completed on time and within budget by Marketing officers and marking representatives within the assigned regions.

●        Undertake WASSHA marketing audits to monitor sales performance; while maintaining and updating customer databases

●        Communicate feedback and findings to supervisors observed during market research/ customer voice collection.

●        Resolve various challenges of agents and end users of WASSHA products by managing marketing officers and customers.

●        Ensuring assigned regional stores have right quantity of stock

●        Collection and return of any idle asset to the zone warehouse

●        Asset Management within the region

●        Tracking stock through regional store to make sure they arrive at their destination

●        Any other duties as assigned by a supervisor.



A)   Minimum level of academic and professional qualification required to perform effectively in the role:

●        Degree in sales and marketing, supply chains managements, business administration or relevant field

B)   Minimum level of experience required to perform effectively in the role:

●        1 year of proven experience in sales and marketing or its equivalent.


A)   Internal customers: 

●        Marketing Officers

●        Customer Service Officers

●        Supply Chains officers

●        Customer services officers


B)   External customers:

●        Marketing Representatives

●        Agents

●        End users/Customers

●        Potential Customers


A)   Technical

●        N/A


B)   Functional

●        Knowledge of stock management

●        Leadership skills

●        Problem solving and analytical skills

●        Strong communication skills

●        Computer literacy and office suite knowledge like Excel, Spreadsheet etc

●        Problem solving and analysis

●        Customer Oriented

●        Excellent team player

●        Training and facilitation skills.


C)    Behavioural

●        Stress tolerance

●        Flexibility and adaptability

●        Accountability and Transparency